Thursday, 5 February 2015

Facebook turns into a land battle

The site "Facebook" is a social networking site most prevalent among Internet users, and that was the primary objectives is to connect the virtual friendships and social relations between people of different countries and cultures, it seems that some people do not see just as well, but it will soon become yard operations Eksria hypothetical.
The newspaper "Financial Times" widespread pointed out that the British army began to configure 1,500 troops in order to work in the battalion will be limited to mission work within the websites for social networking and on top of Facebook and in order to defend the interests of the United Kingdom on the Internet.
Battalion "electronic combat" officially start its work in the month of April next year, and will use the unit "Chindits" and the slogan is a special logo British special forces took part in World War II in the jungles of the State of Burma during the Japanese occupation and the role is to create chaos and sent a feeling of insecurity the enemy forces, and is what brings us to the role of "supposed" that this battalion will do on the social networking site Facebook.
According to the newspaper, the role of the new battalion will be limited in the military intelligence and broadcast campaigns of propaganda and influence, or as well as distortion of facts on the social networking sites and on top of Facebook, and it seems that the main reason for the establishment of this military unit is a conflict in Ukraine and to stand against Russia in this war, but it is possible of course be used in circumstances and other fronts.

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