Thursday, 19 February 2015

Facebook starts to develop special applications

Engineers began the social networking site's most popular in the world, "Facebook" in the development of a private virtual reality helmet "Oculus Rift" and that Facebook, which aims to integrate the experience of social networking sites and virtual reality technology that has become more prevalent in the period in the recent period applications.

It seems that the acquisition of Facebook over the past year on the company "Oculus VR" was a real breakthrough for a leading social networking sites in the field of virtual reality, and despite the fact that helmet new virtual reality Oculus Rift is still not available to the general public, however, Facebook would like to anticipate the official launch, which will be During the current year through the development of ground-compliant applications with them.

On the sidelines of a seminar "Code / Media" organized by the website specialist "Re / code" between 17 and 18 February in the US state of California affirmed "Chris Cox," president of product sector in Facebook that his company is currently developing applications mainly addressed to the technology virtual reality, where he said on the sidelines to attend his speech at the seminar "day when you will be on the social networking site Facebook, you you are a small share of the daily experience: image, video, part ... the idea, either by reality technology Alavradi trouble doing this, send and post a more complete picture much. "

But Facebook officials are fully aware that the virtual reality technology will not be ready very soon, and it mainly because of the non-proliferation of helmets virtual reality, which is still the process significantly, then it needs a long time for the mother to be ready and scattered among users dramatically .

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