Saturday, 14 February 2015

Errors must not choose to be the word to your personal accounts passage

1. The term "Allah":
There are a number of users do not quite turn to the strange behavior, believing that the existence of the word "Allah" in the password will protect its own information against hackers and keystroke loggers attacks, as some people are keen on the move despite the negative and the complacency of its owner, which could describe the summit tampering too.
2. pornographic terms:
According to what refers to the experts and the rationing that your use of sexual terms in order to be a password, puts you within a huge slice and wide from Almqrsnin an alarming rate and within a very narrow range of words that are easy to predict, and so you make yourself easy prey proselytism Internet hackers, so it is advisable to put Hosk aside when it comes to personal Bomanc and penetrate your privacy and your accounts.
3. Sports:
Is a trap for sports enthusiasts, also attracts the blue light of the law in the detonator, the sport attracts you to fall into the trap of an arbitrator, each of those teams and players, and their numbers are fertile material to the words of the common traffic around the world and that can be a little research to predict about the state you live in and the sport's most prevalent in your surroundings geographical, because you thought it was safe and easy to remember, but unfortunately is also easy for hackers enabling them to attack your information and stalking them.
4. Use LetMeIn:
Words like to be "brought me" or in English (LetMeIn), which says it is ideal for their privacy to go to hell, where the majority of users resort to this method ... it moved away and created a style !.
  5. animal world:
Resort large segment of users passwords contain the famous animals such as names (Kitty) or (Rocky) and (monkey) Is it in order to get some joy? Probably not a sound choice to be the key for your personal life.
6. cussing and cursing and section:
Negative way towards your device and your information and aggressive toward the universe, it is also on the back of your tongue negative speech and vulgar, which angers God, as well as one of the phrases that tops the list, and easily predictable after a number of attempts.
7. Middle Ages:
Most Internet users intensely obsessed with medieval characters, and found that the number is not a little used the word "Princess" or "Dragon" or "king" or "Knight" intensely.
8. "I love you":
Whether in English or Arabic Some resort to writing (ILoveYou) in order to be a password for the account profile, make love as an emblem of the stage is a beautiful thing, the fact appreciate your this a lot, as well as the pirate, who would like stalking you and like you say to him, "The Pirate" I love you "It is obvious that it is also will love you and you back the same feeling in the theft of your account, I gave him the key on a platter of gold as they say. Millions of people are putting this word as a key passage .. so it has to be a pause for psychologists to discuss justified ..
9. strings of numbers or letters in a row:
And here we come to the height of naivete and disregard, (123) or (abcdef) and even (abc123) or to the left numbers versa (4321), the first option without a competitor to anyone on the verge of stalking your privacy, but the cat can access your information during daily Tmsheetha on the plate your device keys, though, it is estimated the number of naive chose this option as a password more than 20 million people a minimum.
10. "password":
Found that there are a number not easy, using "password" Password as a password, what drives a person to use "password" Password as a password to their account !! We believe there is no justification!
11-use your phone number:
  A large number of people are using their phones numbers as a password for all their accounts, making easily penetrate their accounts and stalking them, too.

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