Thursday, 5 February 2015

Apple plans to launch a competition and irreplaceable Google search engine

It is known that the two Americas "Apple" and "Google" are considered one of the largest digital companies in the world, and despite the fact that their activities a little bit different, but that there is always a competition between them, and it seems that this time the competition will move to the area where Google donated more than anything another, and it is the search engines.
Revealed the news about the new site "Cult of Mac" specialist in Apple news and after that the latter has on its official launch request hiring engineers responsible for the new project "Apple Search" and is clearly means that the company will launch a rival search engine search engine Google.

And if Apple relies on Google search by default engine on iOS system, the main reason for the development of Apple's new motor search return primarily to its agreement with Google will expire at the end of this year, and so the Apple looking for an alternative, it is also trying to get away as much as possible about other Google services as in the past with the Google Maps.

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