Sunday, 8 February 2015

Anonymous warns against the use of The Pirate Bay

After that has been blocked several times The Pirate Bay was able to return once again to work on January 31, 2015 as it is known, but nevertheless The group of Anonymous warns against use of the famous torrent site "Pirate Pay" and why she said that the federal detective America "FBI" controls the site is currently .
Anonymous warning was clear and actually indicates that the site is under the command of "FBI", and although not show clear evidence of the fact that the American detective controls on the site that the issue of the disappearance of pornographic ads and appearance of the site a new look when it re-emerged after a stopover confirmed the presence of interference a government dominated by the famous torrent site.

As Anonymous group said they will not fall into the trap that Tkidh her American detective in making the return site The Pirate Bay just a trap to the rhythm of a set of content pirates who frequent the site dramatically and warned of the trap to fall into the hands of the American intelligence services that are looking for a large number of hackers.
As told earlier Topic (return The Pirate Bay) that the site returned to work after an absence of nearly two months unusually was not matched by any official announcement of the team work of the site and that of other indicators that may confirm speculation Anonymous in the fact that the site is subject to government control.

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