Thursday, 22 January 2015

URGENT: WhatsApp and blocks numbers that use WhatsApp Plus Blue

If you are using Android phones and no doubt you know definitely one of the most popular applications .. application of third party WhatsApp + or what is known among users apply and WhatsApp Plus Blue which is owned by one of the developers and offers you some non advantages found in the main application with the ability to more to customize the colors, fonts, backgrounds and notices and Maely it.

The bad news is that  WhatsApp actually began shortly before the ban in the numbers that are used application and  WhatsApp Plus for 24 hours, and while it seems that the ban will continue as long as I still use  WhatsApp place until you return to the official application.

Application and  WhatsApp Plus developer said in a statement on his account in the Google Plus Talliqa the last step that will work to find a solution to this problem, but we recommend the following action:
Make a backup copy via chat settings
Delete and  WhatsApp Plus final
Download the application of the original  WhatsApp from Google Play store
Make Recovery and log in as normal
As of the  WhatsApp and ban accounts for 24 hours, they should be patient until the end of the period and then do log on through the application and  WhatsApp after deleting the original application and  WhatsApp Plus.
We bring you any updates or comments from the parties to this story later.

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