Friday, 30 January 2015

Technologies we lost in 2014

A year has passed from the age of technology and a lot of changes have taken place and more advanced technology and modern things have emerged, which in turn may cancel other things, the oldest and thus spin department. This report contains 10 technologies we lost has been closed and abandoned in 2014 1. 
 After the recent conference of the Apple announcement of the iPhone and the new hour Apple's new smart iWatch Apple has to cancel the iPod manufacturing and I think that this decision seems appropriate to end in this particular time after that iPhone has become a smart time to have Amaknyat Alai bum and more.
With iPod for a long time is the official organ of Apple to run music tracks, but after all this electronic evolution became waste put in a second market we may find in the future museum of old technologies and where these things are sold as spare archaeological much more expensive than worth purchasing in the previous time.

2. Apply Poke from Facebook: 
at the beginning of Facebook launch put a lot of applications to attract people to become pioneers of social networks or Alsocheal Media, but he charged that became the applications are not meaningful The Facebook shut down one of them in 2014 and leads the modification of some codes that were at a cost of $ 3 billion, but it has already happened to invest over $ 10 billion allows him amendment, which wants for the future

3. MSN Messenger
 This application was a private conversation program your e-mail Balhout mile or company Microsoft has bought Skype in 2011 has been locked in a dramatic movement groaned, including a lot of the old users of this application, particularly as all the memories of this application may go with

4. Orkut:
 the orkut first experience of social networking sites by Google, but failed to achieve deployment required in America, but it's a coincidence unexpected has become one of the most networking sites in Brazil in 2010 has made more popular than Facebook in Brazil until Mark Zuckerberg said Brazil in the list of challenges in 2011 and succeeded in spite of Orkut in Brazil, however, Google has decided to close it in an attempt to spread the Google Plus by exploiting the loyalty of Brazilians Google Apps

5. Xbox: 
After a lot of rumors about the way Microsoft xbox deal with the department in the company and the method of planning has unofficially shut down part responsible for him and lay off more than 18,000 workers in which this movement has shocked a lot of fans of the Xbox

6. Windows XP:
 Microsoft decided to stop supporting Windows XP as a step to deploy Windows 8.1 between the Customer. Chinese will not be announced officially refused to close the windows xp step to ban the use of Windows 8 in China in a prelude to the development of their own operating system away from Microsoft, Google and Apple

 that were not of those who follow the network you do not know that this was the site contains all the movies and soap operas and songs that have been to get them illegally. The site achieves great popularity and a large growth since that was founded by Justin kan even Orteurr himself close to the site becomes history

8. Macworld Magazine: 
This magazine published by Apple in order to contain everything related to Apple over the decades has been shut down, including paper version in September with maintaining the site in good condition retrofit and renovation work on it in the crew.

You miss one other ancient technologies in 2014 ??

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