Saturday, 17 January 2015

Sites, programs and tools useful

Welcome and hello to you who follow the series "sites, iwassa, this weekly program, which comes to you every Friday, where we learn all the range of services and useful sites on the Internet. I leave you with this number to meet in the next week, God willing.

Site to create a short video clips animychen way, it gives you many of the tools you will need to take out a distinctive and funky video, of course, you can use a way to explain a topic or a small introduction to the work of any service, the site gives you a free account, but restricted.

Is a Web application on the Internet that offers you audit your feedback and accessible directly from the browser service, without the need for programs again, the location is very simple once you reach it you will find space to write what you want, you can add links, and so on, in addition to change the font color and save the text. etc.
Is a free service that is able to draw a map for your blog or website, showing the weaknesses that could be exploited by hackers. To use it, you log on and paste your link in the box and click on get Rating. The full report as well as knowledge of the gaps in your site. Some have used this site as a service to offer paid services in one of the mini-sites :)
Interior decoration, location, price and star rating ..list only what matters obsessed when the size of a room in a hotel, but what is more interested in online quality provided therein, if well from this type of travelers I am happy that I suggest you this site which offers you the best hotels in terms of the wireless signal strength and speed of the internet.

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