Sunday, 18 January 2015

Seven worst things about working at Google do not know

All who work in the field of technology is bound to think in days to work in one of the large and influential companies in this sector. Being a part of the company team like Google may seem like a dream for many, this is the company's creative listed several times as one of the best companies to work. But, according to some former employees, Google may not be paradise, which many believe to be.
Many former employees and workers in Google mentioned a list of 7 complaints that were (or still) haunted mind. Let us know about in this post.

1) All employees with high efficiency, but using the simple things!
Thanks to put it, Google can recruit the best graduates from universities in the United States, but to perform very simple tasks, such as removing videos from YouTube. According to some officials, despite the higher pay, the job satisfaction for many of them is practically nothing.

2) Google is just another big company
According to some officials, despite this large halo and reputation enjoyed by Google, but it is something completely different, and the environment within Google is a great company with public offices, like any other company.

3) Most of the engineers arrogant
Although many think otherwise, and one of the biggest complaints is that Google engineers is humble. According to officials, bilateral dialogues almost non-existent and most of them do not accept the advice of young professionals, and others do not care about their opinions and think they are superior to others.

4) managers such as engineers
As is the case with managers engineers also dealing arrogantly and focus solely on the standards and ignoring the needs of their employees.

5) Google does not care about design
Officials complain that despite the fact that Google is available to engineers and programmers at the highest level, but they focus on the HTML design account. So you lose a lot of their products in the design, which led to the cancellation of many projects such as google wave, Google Video, and even orkut.

6) Google promises not died
Some employees complained that you should always get a written copy of the promises they promised within the company, as many of these verbal promises are not fulfilled or commitment

7) trainees are subjected to abuse
According to intern at Google, ill-treatment is not only exposed to the trainees, but they seem to believe that anyone who does not work in the "real Google" is mentally and morally inferior.

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