Saturday, 3 January 2015

Rumor: Windows Phone will support the "Android" Applications

Some sources revealed rumors about the support of the operating system "Android" applications for devices running the system "Windows Phone", emphasizing the initiative of "Microsoft".
Has on this matter, "Tom Warren" who works for "The Verge" signed over his personal account on the micro-platform "Twitter" blogging that emphasizes support "Android" applications on the "Windows Phone".
Some analysts believe that the support of the applications Android on the Microsoft platform process, and Windows Phone Store apps will be on the verge of oblivion or extinction, this, if the comparison between the number of applications on the "Google Play" store with the number of applications in the shop, "Windows Phone" .
But do you rise "Microsoft" phones sales?
The specifications and features of the smartphone mobile are determined by the level of sales in the market.

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