Saturday, 3 January 2015

Pirates "Lizard Squad" call their service paid to disable websites

 team "Lizard Squad" Pirates of the Internet, has launched a paid service starts at US $ 2.99, since this service allows anyone was to take advantage of them for the purpose of stopping any site work on the Internet, and the team was "Lizard Squad" has announced that he is responsible for disable network "PlayStation" and the network "Xbox Live", during the Christmas holiday the previous holiday.
The "Lizard Squad" was the name of "Lizard Striceir" for his service paid, pointing out that it uses the same technique prevention of distributor service DDOS and that were used in the attack that caused the disabled networks "PlayStation" and the "Xbox Live".
The idea is based disable sites on the Internet through the mobilization of the site you want to disable it in huge quantities of phantom Visits be greater than the capacity of the site servers to absorb this huge number, and thus it prevents users from accessing the site, which was targeted.
The availability of disruption "Lizard Squad" tool to its customers select the location you want to attack it and disable it for work, according to the period which is determined by the customer, since the attack that takes 100 seconds starting at $ 2.99, while US $ 6.99 to stop the target for eight hours the site.
According to what was said by the team "Lizard Squad" that the service provided to the customer's size ranges from 5 GB to 20 GB of phantom visits per second is enough to disable the target site for work on the Internet network.

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