Monday, 19 January 2015

Pictures detecting new Facebook feature

Shortly after the acquisition of the social networking site Facebook, the company "" specialized in the development and creation of voice recognition applications and different media revealed that the site is working to develop a new feature integrated voice recognition technology in the service of Instant Messaging Facebook Messenger.

And Facebook was, and since 2013 it added that enables users to send audio clips through chat on instant messaging Facebook Messenger, and it is clear that the acquisition of property on Facebook company came to develop sound and take advantage of voice recognition technology property.

New property user will enable when you send or receive audio clip to preview the message text written, except in the case of the user's decision not to activate this new functionality, and to now what this new property is still monopolized by a minority of users and can not see them soon virtue they need more development especially in light of some of the circumstances in which the user may face during the recorded voice message from the presence of noise or voice.

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