Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Officially detected LG phone screen curved G Flex 2

South Korean company LG unveiled a new smart phone through the CES 2015 event in Las Vegas in America, the new phone will be called G Flex 2 and will be curved screen and has been the subject of numerous leaks over the past period.
Provide a phone G Flex 2 is a curved screen comes exactly a year after the submission of the first version of this phone G Flex in the last version cycle CES 2014, and in addition to the curved screen feature that will focus on LG in the marketing of the phone as it is one of the few phones to this property, the G Flex 2 will come other features.

The new phone will come with a number of specifications, including the curved screen and resistance to scratches accurately Full HD and measuring 5.5 inches in addition to the eight-core Snapdragon 810 of Qualcomm frequency of 2 GHz processor and graphics processor Adreno 430 with 2 GB Xah random memory and 32 GB Xah of internal storage with possibility of adding a micro-SD chip and the first two cameras in the backend precisely 13 megapixel and 2.1 megapixel second precision.
Phone G Flex 2 will come in line with Blothot 4.1 technologies, and Levy 802.11, 4G LTE and NFC and will be the battery capacity of 3000mAh and it will be possible to charge 50 percent of them in just 40 minutes and will run the new Android system.

G Flex 2 will be available at the end of this month in South Korea before being marketed in the rest of the world in exchange for 600 euros.

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