Monday, 26 January 2015

Microsoft launches next application "Xbox" with the operating system "Windows 10" for the experience

"Xbox" application that will come with the new operating system "Windows 10", is now available for the experiment, where the application is still under test. Through a program launched by the company "Microsoft" under the name Insider, you can subscribe through it and test the application with the beta version of the operating system "Windows 10".
She said the company "Microsoft" through their own conference:
"With the beta version of the application of the" Xbox ", the team now aim it gives you the basic features, such as providing high accuracy in broadcast games from the platform" Xbox One "devices" PC ", also offer you a unique performance experience using the mouse and keyboard, and will we continue to support this application over the coming period. "
It is clear that the company "Microsoft" plan for the development of the application and provide their best. Is that the views of the users who are interested about the features of the application sequence, and what are the things they need and things that require additional upgrades and modifications of its services.

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