Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Lenovo unveils new belt "Vibe Band" e-ink works

It seems that the technological and technical companies moved from cell phones manufacturing and computers stage to compete in making belts, since the short period we talked about intelligent letter belt to develop a French company called "Amiota" called it "BLTI", as distinct from other belts that combines data healthy for you.
Today, in light of the activities of the International Consumer Electronics Show CES 2015, which was held in the state of Las Vegas, where he took part in it, "Lenovo" to announce her belt smart "Vibe Band," which was considered the first step in the field of smart devices wearable industry.
And the rest would Kshan smart electronic belts, where he works on the lookout for Fitness body of the user, but it is limited to monitoring the steps just sleep.
This belt has a "Vibe Band" screen e-ink technology works, with the battery lasts for seven days, and the advantage of the new belt offer alerts that link the user via mobile phone messages and phone calls.
The company plans to "Lenovo" offering new belt that runs on the platform "ios" platform "Android", at a price of about US $ 89.

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