Monday, 19 January 2015

IWASSA Solution,based on many modules, specially three new innovative modules.

IWASSA Protocol
IWASSA Service
IWASSA vPassport

All integrated with a strong user( behaviour) statement, which permit a highly level of protect from hackers attack. 
Keeping the possibility for users and providers to custom and define the preferred security level on their accounts or their web applications. “EX, Facebook Company can higher Facebook security, but also the face book’ user can hire more for his individual account security as preferred.” 
This allow to keep security in a dynamic mechanism allow both sides define the necessary security level for their needs.
All in modern simple interface “API & GUI” keep user experience much earthier than ever.

& Benefits

IWASSA System allow Business Companies to internally implement iwassa solution on a web server to become the company official gateway between all company’ web applications and company’ user and customers.

The company web applications are fully disconnected form web “ internet” , so getting very high level of security, but authorized access will be passed by IWASSA Proxy to controlled web application of the company, receiving and response on all requests on http and https protocols, 

Centralized User and Security Management for all web application and all users from unique dashboard “IWASSA dashboard”. Allowing companies saving much maintenances costs, keeping 
high dynamic security 

Users Public URL / QR Code , this function provide all registered users a full profile with all data collected from many profiles from controlled web application integrated with IWASSA, users will be definitely able to custom which information of profile still private, or show only for colleagues or public. In addition, user can change setting as preferred any time, but the URL or the QR Code still fixed for every word wide, based on the public domain set on the iwassa installation.

Users could use the QR code of public profiles as common way to exchange contacts

Install iwassa system on the web server using the install .exe package downloaded from 

iwassa website.

Activate the license and define the default security rules for the users, customer or web 


Point the http and https traffic on public IP to iwassa web server local IP.

Use the IWASSA Dashboard to connect the web applications to iwassa system using 

different methods of federations and define the roles, attributes used for each web applications. 

Use IWASSA Dashboard to import, create and manage identities, users, groups, etc...

Use IWASSA Dashboard to define security level for each web application, user, groups, etc.

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