Monday, 19 January 2015

How to send an infinite number of the SMS to any country and FREE

Offer you in this thread to explain slidesms site, which allows you to send an infinite and free messages, works with all the countries of the world as it has been tested successfully with the Moroccan networks. Enough after your visit to the site, determine which country you want to hear from your message short text I suggest you try with your your number to make sure that they work successfully with the communication network in your country. Then you write your phone number without the zero in the Phone Number box. For example, if your number is 0667453456 66745356 so type it in the second column corresponding to the state code.

Then in Type Your Message Type your message and do not forget to write in the image CAPTCHA code before clicking Send. If the message appears green this means that the message has been sent successfully. Wait for some time and you will receive. (It may be long if there is pressure on the site) If the red color of this means that the problem occurred while sending the message.
If you got a text message successfully and you want to send another message, you may find that the site prevents you from that and ask you to wait a bit before sending another message. And you can override it by clicking on the settings in the Google Chrome browser and open it enforceable Invisible Browsing incognito window and then login to the site again and you'll find you are no longer restricted to wait.

Site :  slidesms

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