Tuesday, 13 January 2015

How relive images that viruses deleted from the memory card

Memory Card may be injected using virus-Vtkchw that all your photos have been damaged, either a acronyms or find it has completely disappeared from the card. For this in this lesson I will give you an effective way in order to retrieve images that "delete" after injury memory  virus-Card.

Background on the problem.

In fact, the disappearance of images when the injury virus-or transformation into a telly with no possibility open, is see the virus is very famous converts files to the abbreviations has already touched him in solving the problem of deleting virus shortcut files from your computer easily but not touching the memory card or also to images.

Of course, this virus is responsible for making the images disappear or damage often cross converted to abbreviations.

Solution to the problem:

To solve this problem must first make sure that your computer is infected with the virus, this tried before anything to do full scans of the computer by following up the subject of this post: (solving the problem of deleting virus shortcut files from your computer easily). After that make sure that your computer is free from viruses, are now installed memory card with a computer and go to poste de travaille / this pc and recorded the character that has been supplied to the memory card without opening them! For example, a character hard drive: / C and ROM reader: / D ...

Now will go to the DOS command editor. For this press buttons turn on the keyboard windows + R was then type the command cmd and press the Enter.

Well now you write the command line follows:: E, taking into account that he must change the character (E) to your Memory card symbols.

Now, after moving to memory card Card write this line: *. * Attrib -s -h / s / d and wait for a moment.

Now went to This pc / poste de trvaille and then Unlock memory card by clicking the right button was selected open in a new window

After that you should find all the phenomenon and images are read. That's all in the subject

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