Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Hackers are leaking more than ten thousands of disabled user data networks Games

Continue the attack on the two networks Xbox and Playstation and disable disclose more details about the case, and after the arrest of a teenager on Friday for his involvement in the attack, DDoS, and today we have emerged user data obtained by one of the members of the Lizard Squad group that caused the attack and show where tens of thousands of users database.
The greatest fear was not in the number of the leaked data, which is for 14241 user, but it was originally stored unencrypted !. And detect security expert Brian Krebs, who spoke about the user accounts database, there are those who pay by coin Alpetkoan $ 11 thousand to support piracy group to launch several attacks on thousands of Internet IP addresses.
And was named the database b Lizard
Stresser [dot] ru so disguise b stresser a testing process for the sites ability to avoid piracy group designed DDoS attacks. The security expert believes that the purpose behind the attack on the two networks, Microsoft and Sony for the Games was intended to promote the duration of the power and effectiveness of the service group thus get paying customers to meet used to disable any other site they want.

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