Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Google is working to support voice service converted to text on android

The norm of most Internet users, all looking for translating a phrase or a word, and most likely Here is the use of Cubase to this matter. But all agree that Cubase is not of the required precision in translation, as is the case with most other translation services. Perhaps the service to translate words and phrases simple and easy, but with phrases and terminology most complicated; we discover that the translation resulting senseless, and it seems that Google is planning to do something about it.
According to reports, Google Inc. will launch a new version of a translation application on Android. One of the important changes that Google will update the new application enhances the translation feature of the spoken words into written texts.
Apparently, the update aims to provide translations of "almost complete" without delay in the translation process, a feature Google had promised them a few years ago. This little feature is similar to the application of translation Skype, which Microsoft recently launched to enable Skype users to make video calls in different languages, with the arrival of language translation in real time to the other person.
Google has not yet commented on the rumors, and also are not leaking the launch date of the update on Android, but we are on standby, followed us.

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