Saturday, 3 January 2015

America issued sanctions on North Korea for its breakthrough "Sony"

After the problems caused by North Korea to disable servers company "Sony", "Obama" declared the US president to impose sanctions in response to electronic "Sony Pictures" platform attacks, which occurred a few days ago.
In light of this, the US government has sent a formal accusation of North Korea on the implementation of offensive by its pirates, and that the US government has sufficient evidence to condemn North Korea as the reason behind this hack that led to the leak of a number of films that have not yet presented with documents and information Others belong to the company.
Based on this, the US Treasury Department has issued a statement that the new sanctions, came because of North Korea's attempt to intimidate and undermine the US corporate mail security and prevent artists from exercising their right to freedom of expression.
She pointed out that this move by the US ministry, emphasizing the recruitment of the United States for a wide range of tools and devices that aim to defend the citizens and corporate America, and respond well to attempts Understatement US values or threaten its security services or compromised.
The aim of the sanctions issued by the US government, is to isolate the main bodies in North Korea through economic pressure and the siege of the Korean government and our responsibility, and the new sanctions targeting three government entities, and ten officials working inside and outside of North Korea.
According to the "Josh Ernest," a spokesman for the White House that the sanctions are the first side of the American response to cyber attacks that caused North Korea, and the US government to take these attacks seriously to make its goal the destruction of an economic impact on the United States.

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