Thursday, 1 January 2015

5 helpful sites on the Internet

Choose a strong password of the main reasons that you should take into consideration, and make it different from all the sites that you register in order to minimize the potential damage in the event of a breakthrough for one of your accounts. Here lies the importance of the Director of passwords. With this service you can manage the various accounts and create a very strong passwords based on a random sequence of characters, symbols and numbers. Not only that, but you can not forget any word anymore and I need to save all the passwords you use.

There are a lot of different programs that offer you to create mind maps to arrange thoughts service, but with the services and sites on the Internet, where there are many sites that allow to do so, including the MindMup which is a tool to draw mind maps, allowing you to embody your ideas through the coordination collection of information, and the integration of various elements such as text, images, files, and geographic locations.
  Converting file formats

There is no need to download additional software on your computer to convert file formats. As there are some web sites offer you this service for free. Including Zamzar site that supports converting a wide range of different formats and allows you to convert files from one format to another ..

This service helps you to editing and modification on images quickly and Shl.aly Although this service is not specifications Alcamlhalta provided "Photoshop" program, but suffice to implement some simple actions that do not need it to download photoshop on your computer, but it provides you with a wide range of tools, filters and settings and even support layers "Layer" as in Photoshop.


More tools that I liked, but certainly this site will not replace traditional anti-virus software completely, but close to it, especially if you are using a device such as a Chromebook. After downloading the file to the location will make a full scan for viruses, malware, according to a large number of anti-virus also allows you to check the work of the links and URLs and give you a direct result.

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