Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Video: Skype launches interpretation through image and sound

Social networking service announced photographer "Skype" of the World "Microsoft", has announced the launch of the pilot phase of the acoustic "interpreter Skype", where there will be a sensation in the field of global communications interpretation.
"Skype" has said through her blog private, that the service break geographical barriers and brought distances to make the sound their daily communication and image is easy.
As the new "Skype" project is still in the experimental stage, and that was through cooperation with "Microsoft" Research Center, as it will be launched starting in two languages are English and Spanish initially, as the service provides you the ability to speak your mother tongue to reach friends in their own language, which is different the basic language. Where will depend "Skype" translation instant text messages to more than 40 different languages.

According to the "Skype", the service is available only to members who have signed up through the official page feature "Skype interpreter" and who uses the 8.1 version of the operating system "Windows".
In spite of this, the "Skype" is facing strong competitors such as: Blackberry, Hang Oates, and Tango, where they fled to their employees the possibility of communicating by voice and image as well,.

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