Sunday, 28 December 2014

" toridge " Arab platform for the management of companies over the Internet

In light of the technological development and our use of it daily, many companies have changed forms and cleared new Bochkl we did not expect or we've seen before, this has become a need for systems that meet the communication between the staff and the requirements of companies, but in new ways.

 ” toridge system comes to establish an integrated environment to serve the business and facilitates communication between the staff of new and innovative ways, which is essentially a Saudi company originally, where a diverse team of individuals from Turkey, Saudi Arabia, including, where the headquarters is located in Turkey, and the way the site a completely different basis for sites that provide your business and employees such as network: LinkedIn social networking that, Enterprise, or Google.
The basis of the work "toridge " service is to build an integrated system for any company through the World Wide Web, and with all its company staff and administrators and clients, and provides immediate and direct the staff, share files and suggestions continue through an integrated and unified environment without having to use a secondary applications or e-services approach g-mail
And provide a platform "toridge " to the director of the company, its powers normal, as in fact, where distinguish it from the powers of the rest of the staff, and also allow him to define the powers of the staff and see the full business details and staff directly, in terms of: What is the project which employed him now?
In any page they are currently?
What distinguishes "toridge " platform to register for free, it also supports companies and individuals working in a free, no need to upload or download any software to start using the system.
The platform also provides a profile of each company, like a website user, so you can add Tfesbl services offered by the company and details of its business exhibition and a profile of the company available to any person or company entered or recorded in the platform "toridge " system.
Site supports the Arabic language in addition to several different languages, and includes a lot of features that help business owners, recalls that the platform will launch its own application, and there are nearly 60 companies adopted a system of "toridge " to manage the system and its functions currently.

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