Friday, 5 December 2014

Tools and useful sites need.

Let us introduce you to the most useful sites and tools, in addition to the programs that run on the operating system "Windows", of course
And do not forget distinctive additions for each of the "Google Chrome" browser and browser "Firefox",


There are a lot of people who want to register names like e Alketrona services, but they are surprised that a user name .voguetrah you this wonderful site, which offers you set up an account service name a favorite with your email and nickname in all locations and new services that appear on the web and thus will never worry that someone used nickname.

With this site you can any code experience "code" software through the browser directly, the site supports a lot of languages known and used on a wide range of programming, from which as well as you can find a solution to any problem software may experience did not find in the search engines or in the well-known forums.


Often some of the motion picture encounter exciting online Gif, and love to share it on the page the famous "Facebook" social network or any other network, but a lot of sites do not support the format of these images, so this service enables you to convert this image into sections Video easier for you to participate in your "Facebook" or other.

This site offers you the service Show picture published in the "Facebook" on the way location "Pentrist" Pintrest, so that you can filter the images that you have shared or photos that your friends have shared, and you can also deploy a new photo directly from the service. To activate the service just enough to register your account with Facebook and approval of the application site.

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