Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Serious loophole targeting WordPress sites

That a large number of operating sites on the platform "WordPress" targeted by electronic attack bears the name "SoakSoak" taking advantage of a critical gap at the level of content management system platform.

The total number of target sites is exactly 100.000 site on the WordPress platform as indicated for that office "Sucuri" for information security experts, and directed the finger to add "RevSlider".

This cyber-attack on the WordPress platform sites paid protection system in the Google search engine to develop more than 11,000 site blacklisted "blackliste" as malicious sites, where users can not access it.

And protection experts pointed out that he had been telling the WordPress platform existence of a vulnerability in addition RevSlider since last September, but the administration WordPress did not tell users that and worked on tinkering gap in secret, and experts say that the security gaps in the extras WordPress is nothing new 

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