Monday, 15 December 2014

Photographs were leaked to the system "Windows 10" and the upcoming shows merge PDA "Kortana"

Today leaked on the Internet images reveal more about some of the changes added by Microsoft's own version on the consumers of the next operating system of its "Windows 10".
Comes these images at a time when Microsoft is preparing a preview version updated version of its new

"Windows 10", to focus on the benefits for consumers of the system, as they come before the event to be held on January 21 next and that the company would use to reveal the details of the system.
The most prominent new features in the leaked version, bearing the number of construction 9901 - compared to a copy of the technical inspection launched by the company some time ago - are the personal assistant "Kortana" Cortana that. Where the pictures "Kortana" Mtamodaa appear above the search interface for the system and respond to voice commands and scripts.
The images also contain special preview copy consumers from "Windows 10" system pursuant to the platform of Microsoft's games, "Xbox", which seems to be working the gate to work full "Xbox" system.
Microsoft and pointed out that the application is still in its early preview stage, so it may involve more advantages in the future.

It seems from the pictures that Microsoft added new movements of the program TaskView switch in the "Windows 10", it seems that the company is moving towards removing the traditional "Control Panel" by updating the application of the "Settings" to appear much like the control panel.
Shows "Windows Store" Windows Store in "Windows 10" has been amended, Unlike the current store, television and musical performances appear in the store as well as applications, which means that Microsoft is moving towards integration of my shop my service "Xbox Music" Xbox Music, and "X Xbox Video "Xbox Video under the" Windows Store "main to provide all the content in one place.
Microsoft expects to have the new operating system "Windows 10" windows1099012_1020.0 windows1099013_1020.0 windows1099015_1020.0 in slightly later than previously rumored, where Chief Operating Officer Kevin Turner said last Wednesday that he would launch the new system early next fall .

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