Wednesday, 31 December 2014

New plans from "Microsoft" with the new browser, instead of the "Internet Explorer"

Currently operating company "Microsoft" on the new browser, so launched into the world of the Internet with the launch of the official version of the "Windows 10" to its users in the new year 2015, instead of the browser "Internet Explorer".
At present, the company "Microsoft" is working on the development of the new browser, which will take the place of the old browser "Internet Explorer" with version 12, and will be the new browser "Spartan" Spartan name. "
According to sources familiar with the "Microsoft" plans sources, that the new browser "Spartan" would be a very close resemblance to the famous browser "Google Chrome" in his work, in addition to that it will be a mild use significantly if it has comparable versions browser "Internet Explorer" old.
The new browser "Trident" engine will support an alternative engine "WebKit," in addition to the JavaScript engine "Chakra", where used "Microsoft" Since we launched the ninth version of the browser "Internet Explorer".
She pointed to some sources, that the plan "Microsoft" are invading the famous such as "Android" and "ios" operating systems so that they will launch a browser of its own application that supports smart and tablet mobile devices, just like what you do, "Google" and "Firefox".

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