Monday, 22 December 2014

Microsoft announced that the new operating system "Windows 10" has been downloaded more than 1.5 million loading process

Windows 10 system is an attempt by Microsoft to overcome the bottlenecks that accompanied Windows 8 system, plus it is a quantum leap by virtue of that came a lot of features and including the consolidation of all platforms and devices instead of Fashion multiple systems for each device separately.
Microsoft revealed through the official blog for a number of information related to the experimental version of the 10 Windows system, including the number of users who have tried the system and the company has indicated that the number reached 1.5 million loading process and is a number that is considered high compared with the beta versions of Windows 7 systems and Windows 8.
Among this figure, the 30 percent of users are using the system on a daily basis, in addition, the number of technical problems that have been reported and corrected arrived in 1300 a technical problem.

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