Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Learn 3 tricks to use in the "Facebook"

Despite the large number of social networking "Facebook" users, but there are some users do not have a deep knowledge in some of the tricks that can be used in the talks and Facebook that helps users detect and avoid some of the problems. They are as follows:
1. appearing on you are not connected to a specific person "Offline", and through the opening of the conversation between you and the Fund is required and the person clicking on the chat settings and click on Turn off chat for.
2. Send messages in reverse, and this by accessing this link and typing the desired message and 2, and then copy and paste the Facebook conversation to appear in reverse.
3. Send messages of different types of line, to enter this site you can send messages to a different line, but it seems that the service is working on English letters only, despite the availability of calligraphy option.

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