Monday, 8 December 2014

Iran is developing a system for the identification of citizens who use the Internet.

The Iranian government has developed a new system that determines the identity of any person who uses the Internet, where reports today reported by news agencies, the World quoting local agency ISNA statements to the Minister of Communications Iranian President Mahmoud Winners in which he said that the government intends to identify anyone who uses the Internet without clarifying what are the mechanism that the government intend to use .
Winners and added that the first step of the new system will be introduced during the month and is in a new system to filter content and block offending content without completely blocking the work of the site to be completed phases of this system within three to six months to come.
The Iranian government is blocking hundreds of sites Kvaspock, Twitter, YouTube and communication applications such as Tango and Veibero and Atsab constantly looking for more than 30 million Internet users is 69% of them using illegal software to bypass government restrictions on the Internet.

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