Tuesday, 16 December 2014

«ios» announces the company's website completely new

Dubai - United Arab Emirates December 15:
Company «ios» and one of the pioneers in the field of computer monitors on the uses of business and home use and entertainment brands. The company has launched in the beginning of December, a new website that allows users to access and read with respect to the company's products and services faster and more easily.
  The new website of the company more visible and attractive and speed, as well as easy to use: I chose «ios» determined externally and internally more attractive to the site. And provides important information about the products and the latest news related to the company as well as the services platform and advanced support can be accessed through the click of a button and simple.
In addition, there is a sophisticated and convenient search feature on the new site. And through which customers can search by category and to differentiate between the many types of screens available by the company and that will help them simply access to their requirements, whether search method for the screen size, color, height and other specifications. All specifications can choose and switch between them easily by squares mark or scrolling between them.

The property "Find Products" very practical. We find that by clicking on each application field, whether (Entertainment) or (Creative) or (Office) or (Mobile), the screen display is appropriate in accordance with the pre-selection for the class. And those who have found the appropriate location on their screen will be steering directly to the list of neighboring storage products. And if there is a need in more information, please contact delegates sales company «ios».

And under the heading "News", users can find information on the awards and honors obtained by « ios» screens by technical editors and bloggers. And we will find in Europe alone there are several hundreds of honors and awards granted annually.

On this occasion, "Thomas Shide" Vice President for Europe and the Middle East at the company « ios», saying: "We have designed our new website understandable and appropriate manner, and has been taking care of the concept of ease of use while navigating the site. The presence of the new Internet site of the company makes it easier for business owners to access quickly and without the presence of any transfers required troublesome and chosen for the product from them. "
The new website of the company «ios»: www.aoc-europe.com

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