Friday, 12 December 2014

How to control your remote to your computer?

Login to the Control Panel control panel from the Start Menu and then start chosen remote settings and then press enter even control the device from a distance, and then begin by clicking on the advanced
- Chose the 30-day time period, for example, and then press OK
- Login to Start start and chose the remote assistance list and press OK
- Chose people for the control of the computer from a distance via the Internet even enters the computer and controlled by the then press outlook
- Send an e-mail E-mail to a device that will control it in your computer
- Change the settings for the computer, such as the original time-out and the time the lock screen is better to make the computer without an automatic or nap time for the screen saver
- You must open an e-mail that you send to yourself and open the computer's control anywhere request to be able to control the original machine
- Enter the security code and password and alias so you can access the original computer
- If you have lost your original device must be here to repeat the same steps again to be able to contact the original device again.
That way you can control your original computer and manages your business remotely from anywhere.

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