Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Highlights of 2014 on Twitter

As do Facebook and YouTube and Instagram has Twitter today disclose the list of the most significant moments and events that took place across Twitter during 2014, which is on the verge of farewell.
Let's start first with the most prominent 2014 World Cup event, which was held during the summer in Brazil where he took the event to 672 million note, to make him the most Event attention since the launch site Twitter so far and there are also events such as plane Malaysian disappearance and the Winter Games and demonstrations Hong Kong and Ferguson and tweet Queen Britain and the death of Robin Williams captured the attention of Amordan in different times.
Tweet the most popular this year was the tweet American actress and presenter Ellen DeGeneres carried out during the Oscars over the phone Galaxy Note 3 and got 3.3 million Retweet yet.
Alselva this term that has spread dramatically this year, had a share of events Twitter If passed image Alselva that we talked about a little while ago at the Oscars, there are also images Sylvie achieved great popular on Twitter this year, and the picture of Sylvie player Germany Podolski with Schweinsteiger during the celebration of his team Balttawaij world Cup title and Sylvie Harry and William at Buckingham Palace and Sylvie basketball players Andy Murray and Novak Djokovic Hall, Madison Square.
Finally, there is the most follow-up accounts and spearheaded by US singer Katy Perry more than 61 million followers, followed by Justin Bieber 57.5 million followers, and US President Barack Obama, who watched more than 50 million people, and singer Taylor Swift number 48 million followers then calculate the YouTube site, which has 46 million followers and achieved a Barcelona player Neymar account best growth rate of followers during the year.

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