Monday, 22 December 2014

Highlights for 2014 on Facebook

It's time to recognize the highlight of the world talked about during the year ending on Facebook. Where the social network is designed locations include the most important events ten hit us during the year.
There is no doubt that the World Cup football was the premier event where spotted Facebook three billion social interaction Comments and Likes and publications for the most important sports tournament in the world of more than 350 million people interacting with the event.
In second place came the Ebola disease severity and spread rapidly around the world and interact with it. Third, replaced the presidential elections in Brazil, where the interaction of 48 million people through more than 674 million social interaction with the subject.
Fourth been lost comedian Robin Williams committed suicide and then came the challenge of the famous ice bucket and VI war on Gaza and the Seventh Malaysian plane incident loss and search for the Eighth US Championship Super Bowl. Finally protests Ferguson and Sochi Olympics came in Russia scored a ninth and tenth.
It also reviews the year 2014 website Facebook top ten topics and places, athletes, artists and serials, songs and games lists and even challenges ice bucket in America.

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