Monday, 22 December 2014

Here are the simplest ways to get the money from the "Instagram"

After the large spread of the accounts of marketing on the platform share photos daily "Instagram" is now for the users of the network to make money through it, the distinctive artistic shots or pictures around the world delicacies and various products have become the focus of attention and the attention of many admirers. It became attract the attention of companies to market their own products.
The famous company "Amazon" and the "Michael Kors" used people for marketing their products own, where this person gets a fee to meet marketing for a company's products, after he found that the images that are filed on the network, "Instagram" be a very effective and be more effective than traditional regular ads.
Although there are some people introduced the images captured by himself and then displays them on "Instagram" to sell one's for US $ 150, get a monthly dividend of US $ 15,000. This is a simple example of how to use the network to make money.
These cases are based on two basic things: first, a large number of fans and the second interaction and attract their attention, particularly in the image and idea quality.
Whenever the account contains a large Fans ratio, whenever a larger corporate advertisers importance, and this means that the price of the image to be advertised, whether a painting or an image, or product, it will depend on how followers admired her and interact with her.

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