Monday, 8 December 2014

Hackers threaten the lives of the staff of Sony !

It seems that the Japanese company Sony problems with piracy is not yet finished, after the serious financial losses incurred by the company's branch in charge of artistic production Sony Pictures after pirated and leaking important information, including the four new films were be presented during the New Year period, the company's staff found themselves the center of the vortex threats.

And the Sony branch "Sony Pictures" may have been compromised after a computer staff in the company of piracy by a group of hackers, which says it captured the serious information and secrets of the company, and has threatened to hackers group to disclose this information in case the company did not achieve its demands, and may surprise the staff when they found their own computers infiltrated and the message by hackers is a letter addressed to the company refers to penetrate and the threat of hackers to carry out the deployment of the secrets of the company is a picture of a skeleton and do, as they were unable to work on their computers hacked because it was closed by the hackers who belong to a group (Gardian of Peace, known as "GOP")

And as directed arrows of charge to the State of North Korea because of Sony's production of a movie comedy about the leader, but they completely denied any connection with the attack-mail.

On the other hand, displays Sony threats targeted in addition to their family members through e-mails staff these threats by hackers came in order to convince the staff to join the "cause", Sony has demanded that employees turn off their computers and not in use currently.

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