Sunday, 14 December 2014

Google to leave the Russian market to resentment of restrictions on users' data

Google decided to get out of the Russian market at the level of operations and search engine after failing to convince the authorities to store user data outside the country.
The Wall Street Journal reported that Google will keep some of the staff to help in the area of sales and marketing partnerships, but it would close its office engineering.
The Russian parliament has passed a law forcing companies and Web sites that store users' personal data to Russian citizens in the country, a move which the Kremlin sees the protection of user data while criticized by foreign companies as an attack on the social networks.
Russia also imposed on bloggers to do the registration statements with the government authorities under penalty of closing their positions and without the need for a court order.
Chagb Russia and a lot of American companies specifically Fimaatalq stores data of its citizens, as it will ban the sale of Apple devices starting from the beginning of next year being stored data over IP-Claude outside Russia.
Russia and discuss with representatives from Twitter and Facebook about the new laws that were imposed on bloggers and how to deal with online data on its users.
And it came within Russia because she wanted a private launch from the free encyclopedia Wikipedia copy suit their requirements and provide the best and reliable information about Russia.

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