Sunday, 28 December 2014

Gap in the Skype Android version allow others to spy on calls application

If you are from users of Skype application on Android in abundance, perhaps interest to you to know that there is a serious flaw has been recently discovered in the application, allows anyone spying on you.
In short, the idea requires two devices, one containing the Skype Android (device 1) and the other Skype desktop (a 2). Now, if a user of these devices make a call to your Android (device 3) through (Device 1) and then cut off the Internet connection; the (device 3) would respond to the call automatically! Of course, the desktop device (device 2) will be able to auto-connect and eavesdropping without the knowledge of the owner of the machine (a 3).
It's good that Microsoft has acknowledged the existence of this gap, and it is working on a fix now. This flaw was discovered by users of a site Reddit Reddit, where it was stated that this method works once in three attempts.
We do not know when it will release the update that will address this problem, but if you feel the danger of espionage this period, all you have to do is sign out of Skype application on Android to protect yourselves.
You can also use Skype not only completely to be the launch of the update, but if you are in an urgent need to use it; we see that the first way is the best way to protect you.

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