Sunday, 21 December 2014

Facebook allows labeling of images through the new application

Facebook moving more towards the separation of applications from each step, and after the separation of the Messenger application for the social network, now has launched a new application called stickered and his use of the famous images added to OpenVPN posters for use in the application of the Messenger and send them to friends.
And you can either take a picture with your phone, either the front or rear camera, or even import a previous image is stored for you and you want to add any number of labels it as a kind of liberation and gentle manipulation of pictures and you can change the size of the label and rotate to fit the image.
In conjunction with the current holiday season, the company launched a new poster designed specifically for the holiday package and also there is a framework for images and effects will appear above the snow profile circular image in the Messenger program.
stickered will be available on Android and iOS, but so far have not been raising them on the applications stores, we'll update this news links to download as they become available. You can get an update of the Messenger of stores Google Play and Apple applications.

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