Monday, 1 December 2014

European Parliament approves majority on the division of Google Inc.

Approved by a majority in the European Parliament on the division of Google Inc. into two parts, one cares about the search engine and the second for all other business activities of the company.
Of course, does not have the European Union split Google's decision but a clear message from the old continent they are not pleased with the Google monopolistic practices with its consideration.
And won the vote on the 458 voted in favor of the division against the rejection of 173 voice only. It is the first time that the European Parliament will vote on the division of the company in its history.

The focus of antitrust body on the four faces deal with Google: the way in which the Google search services compared to competitors, the way you use the Google content from other sites, the control of Google on the target words search advertising market, the restrictions that surround the advertisers in terms of ease of transferring their campaigns to Search engines again.
Although the vote was not expressly provided for in Google's name, but one message does not accept the confusion with Google control more than 90% of the search engine market in Europe in addition to the long disputes between the US company and the competition authorities of the European record.
She had made several concessions to Google, but all were rejected, although Google has continued monopolistic practices, from the standpoint of Europe they may be subject to a fine of up to $ 5 billion.

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