Thursday, 4 December 2014

"Drop Box" officially launches API business for companies

The participation of the famous "Drop Box" files Dropbox service officially announced the launch of its own API business applications for companies, which allow these companies to integrate cloud storage service within their business.
Available programming interface for "Drop Box" service applications starting today, which allows companies to be used by the integration with many services such as CloudLock and Dell Data Protection and Splunk and other services.
She explained, "Drop Box" through official blog that there are currently 100 thousand companies rely on "Drop Box for business" Dropbox for Business in order to secure storage and exchange of information, including the major organizations such as MIT and News Corp.
Has been built application programming interface strong manner allows developers to get jobs, "the paths of Xbox business", and enables managers to manage important business applications for their team easily ..
The "Drop Box" that the companies are not the only ones that will benefit from the programming interface for business applications, where developers can use to expand their range of applications as well.

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