Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Company "Lamborghini" Motors launches high-priced phone distinctive

Electronics markets witnessing these days a large number of very smart mobile phones, which were manufactured by specialized companies industry-tech devices, but this time the opponent is a car company is a wish to enter the competition yard head start new mobile.

Where the company "Lamborghini" Italian SUV unveiled a new mobile phone that carries Avsm "Tauri 88".
This is a mobile phone mobile "Tauri 88" second device from the company, where this phone came after the launch of the company's first phone to Antares.
Comes "Tauri 88" features features the screen displays accurately Full HD with measuring 5 inches, has also been made of glass Gorilla Glass 3, and includes a phone processor type Snapdragon 810 submitted by Qualcomm, has been supplying the phone also memory storage Random capacity of 3 GB .

The company has worked to provide phone "Tauri 88, cameras, where the 20-megapixel rear camera, while the front camera captures accurately 8 megapixel, with support for two tranches of SIM, this and that the operating system of the phone will be" Android "is a version of" Kit Kat ", and for the external shape of the phone will be made from multiple skin and beautiful colors.
A reminder that this kind of phones offered by the "Lamborghini" Italian mainly dedicated to the business, and the owners of the high-income, where the phone will be in the market value of about US $ 6,196.

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