Tuesday, 30 December 2014

China obscured Gmail

Special traffic index fell Gmail service in China on Sunday evening to zero after he saw a marked decline since the late hours of the night on holiday last Christmas, an intraday index provided by Google Abermqaha transparency.
She Dyn Research Inc., the Internet analysis, that China has blocked all access to free e-mail service outlets, without disclosing the specific reason for the block.
She said the company, through the tweets at the expense of network Twitter, the Chinese censorship comes at the level of the Internet Protocol, registered in Hong Kong address, which is used by Google to convert users in China to Gmail service.
The Internet analytics company that blocking the way that makes it impossible for users' access to any content registered at this address without the use of a virtual private network VPN to convert them to the service via registered in other countries, the Internet protocol addresses.
China is blocking Gmail service is not the first of its kind to Google services this year, where she last June to block access to all the American company's services before the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre.
It is noteworthy that China several positions repeatedly blocking websites or certain content, as practiced by Chinese authorities Instant control the clock on the publication of some social networking content and delete the controversial him, a control that have been discovered by the search for the University of New Mexico last year at sites such as the "Weibo" and a copy of the China network "Twitter".
It should be noted that China had blocked the network as well as share photos, Anstagram, a subsidiary of Facebook last September, on the back of the protests that broke out in Hong Kong.

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