Friday, 26 December 2014

Best Google Chrome add-ons to 2014 through the eyes of a professional.

In addition Similar to add famous Adblock, its mission is to prevent any of the jammers and annoying things, such as those in the sites you visit, including Facebook and YouTube, as well as prevent sites from tracking your online activity.

Procrastination of the things that hinder us in the completion of the necessary tasks, so there's a lot of means and ways in which we can fight this negative phenomenon, while browsing the Internet, from Bihna addition Dayboard that reminds you of your needs daily whenever you open a new tab on Google Chrome. This add-on will show you a list of which can include up to five most important tasks of priority for the day.

Favorite thing essential for all users of the browser you can keep a set of links to view them later, and of course any browser whatever the default comes this feature; but unfortunately these favorites that you will not live up to some of them like services, so if you want a different experience to favorites Vadauk to experience favorite smart Raindrop. .

Use smartphone inevitable today, so if you are using your computer, it is possible to be informed of all the alerts that connects him through this add-on, you can also share links and texts with your mobile Once you copy the text and paste it directly into the phone quite easily, of course Addition need circumscription with them to Ttpet application service on the same phone and registration e-mail.

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