Monday, 8 December 2014

10 Facts absent not know about you "Google" and the correct way to pronounce

Google of the most famous international companies in the virtual world as a search engine and realistic group companies, which increasingly influence day after day, thanks to all that have given to their users via the Internet from services increased ease of surfing the Internet, but also contributed to the effectiveness of their daily lives, there are some facts and subtleties that absent for the majority of users, which are:
1. Google spell wrong:
The whole world spell it as ''Google'', but the correct spelling he wanted all of Larry Page and Sergey Brin are Google, a number that is equal to 1.0 × 10100 and each chose this name because they want to make progress enormous amount of online information company
2- Brin and Page abandonment of completing their university studies:
Finished each of the founding master degree in computer science, and they were on their way to a PhD, but they abandoned them in order to dedicate to Google.

3. Google is more than 150 companies in a single company:
Every year increase Google's influence and increase its control over the electronic world, and this policy pursued by Google that made her one of the largest companies in the world, from Youtube to Waze then Motorola and many other companies bought by Google.

4. Google began in a garage home:
This company started in a garage house, where both Page and Brin had rented from their friend Susan Wojcicki, to work on making dreams company.

5. Google likes donations and philanthropy:
Google donates annually, including more than $ 100 million, on various issues, such as famine, Scholarship, to those affected.

6. Whatever wrote Google will show you the search engine:
Google has purchased all similar ranges of name spelling and, if I wrote or or or .... I'll show you Google.

7. Every second there are more than two million search through Google.

8. Google goal is different from the objectives of the rest of the companies:
This company aims to shorten the time required from the user, facilities are provided by the only goal is to do the work required quickly, unlike other sites that aim to increase the time required from the user.

9- Google over Street View has photographed more than 5 million miles of streets and roads.

10. More than 5 billion hours a month watching via YouTube.
From these figures and information we conclude that each person must Arabic has an idea or a project, even if it was closer to the fantasy that runs it, perhaps the Arab company be one of the strongest global companies in the future, such as Page and Brin I thought I heard did not expect to become their company of this magnitude and this size , but they are tired and partied the nights in order to attain the honor of trying.

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