Thursday, 6 November 2014

The use of "Google Earth" easy way to find treasures

The discovery of the treasures was previously very difficult, and not ordinary people can simply discover the treasures. They need a man expert in places and the nature of the ground.
One amateur researchers have been able to raise archaeologists impressive, when he found archaeological place only using Google Earth.
Howard Jones Online Research results confirmed the fact, when it was found at the site indicated by Howard Jones, the tools of flint tools, household and nearly five thousand years old. According to this man, he began his quest through the study of satellite images. First he cares about those places that can be found in the prehistoric food, water and shelter.
With the help of Google Maps service, and through the website's photo Tmanh in glass, Jones was able to site the place that belongs to the Bronze Age determines exactly - South Devon and whispered. Upon arrival to the place and after that ask permission owner of the land, began with the help of a metal detector scans the Earth system, and soon found flint tools, and pieces of metal and pottery.
Jones told about the discovery archaeologist Bill Horner, a specialist came to Devon, to conduct a geophysical survey using ground radar equipment. In the end, he was able to find two of the largest structures underground, according to experts, belong to the Bronze or Iron Age. According to Horner some houses mostly built about five thousand years ago. Other parts of the old village belonged to the late British period Romano. No it was built about two thousand years ago.
Jones said that when he studied the images in Google Earth, he asked himself: Where housing if he lived three thousand years ago? After several weeks of careful study, the man went to South whispered. In the beginning was not sure that he will be able to test his theory. But he was lucky to meet him with the land owner. And intends to begin serious excavations in February \ February of next year. Archaeologists hope that the excavation will confirm the presence of archaeological village.

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