Thursday, 6 November 2014

The first robot to feel and feel the feelings of human beings

Previously, when the phenomenon of the spread of the robots began Astsabha or perhaps some wondering how the robot has some human capabilities, and also note recently Nestle Company has submitted a request to make a robot in 1000 for the sale of coffee !! .This Indicates that they spread became a regular thing to many, especially those living in Asian countries such as Japan and China, for example.
But today and away from Japan has had a British company developing a robot is unique and is the first globally despite the presence of his predecessors, as strange it is your sense and sense to human beings and their interaction with them as if they are numeric like him, he can count to know the feeling of speaking to him, but the question is how are that? The company has developed the robot by providing an electronic chip has been programmed Bahsasat initial feelings and rights enjoyed by a joy, anger, sadness and disgust and expectation and confidence and sudden fear and then simulated with reality and give responses by the trader with the robot.

For this was the initial experience of developers to test the robot, where they play music crafted to express the joy and through the cameras and sensors which have been provided by the robot to understand that the person in the case of joy and delight amused or if this music or not.
Vijsenh in his memory randomized to what he must act in the future with a recurrence of such a situation, and subjected Developers automatic robot to test the reactions if a person is exposed to a state of sadness and depression. Who shall read the facial expressions that he painted by the developers on electronic chips preview it shall be interpreted to find that the person is sad or depressing condition.
They held him talk within the test and they have directed the phrase "I do not love you," which in turn understands the phrase is contained on that "I'm here to help you."
The developer has launched the machine name "Aamossbark" and considers it the first robot that responds to human feelings and interacts with it, the company which based in each of the cities of London and New York that Android price will be between 315 to 350 dollars decided. It is also to be launched in early 2015.

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