Tuesday, 25 November 2014

South Korea issued a decision to arrest all who sells disobeyed "Sylvie"

Said the South Korean government over the decision published in Korean newspapers about the hunt for vendors imaging stick "Sylvie", and from the sale of these sticks are fined $ 27 thousand with the arrest of the seller, in jail for 3 days under a government decision by the court.
The reason for the issuance of a decision to ban the sticks that Bluetooth wireless they emit radiation harmful to health to some extent. And will not be able to traders of these sticks sold in the markets except under disclosure and approval by the government.
This was through the ministry's website the South Korean government has warned that these tools issued electro-magnetic waves must be inspected before it is published in the markets.
The government has also asked its citizens to disclose the whereabouts of illegal sale of hardware to make sure it is correct.

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