Friday, 28 November 2014

Six best applications for this week on the platform "Android"

Random you the best five applications for this week on the platform "Android".
1-Striker Soccer 2
Game Sports beautiful and interesting Brsumaatha spontaneity and excitement, and graphics, which gives the game a great Mchaadh and clear during play. Where has this very large Aloalb popular among users.
2- Trials Frontier
The second game of this list, the game excitement, entertainment and challenge, jumping motorcycles in various environmental conditions, to challenge friends to skip stages of the game as soon as possible.

3-Assassin's Creed Pirates
Game Action and adventure and excitement, where snaking Seas Islands to eliminate the pirates and help the Lord of the evil that Mlaoh in the region, where you will be several tasks and duties required of you, Lord.

4- Prince of Persia Shadow & Flame
The game "Prince of Persia" the most beautiful adventure games, where you have to keep the dagger life, and save the city from the evil Minister arrogant, and the face of men snakes to return the dagger to its original location.


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